Cathedrals of California, A Virtual Pilgrimage

St. Steven’s Cathedral II: The Apse and Brushfire

The apse and the fire - St. Stevens Cathedral II

Sometimes God works in mysterious ways, and so for the Easter vigil He gave us a majestic spectacle made of fire. As you can observe in the following photograph, there is a fire outlining the landscape. Above, the Moon reigns with its light…almost as if attentively watching after the church. On the right side you can see the apse of the structure penetrate the gardens.

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One Response to “St. Steven’s Cathedral II: The Apse and Brushfire”

  1. vikki Mills Says:

    Great Pictures! I noticed in the Easter Vigil Asp, the shadow of Christ crucified.
    Is there a crucifix in the front of the church? If not, then perhaps your picture caught another miracle of God’s immense grace. Vikki Mills, Hendersonville, TN

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